Gal 3:16 as midrash (was...)

Christian M. M. Brady cbrady at
Wed Mar 14 18:02:39 EST 2001

On 3/14/01 4:03 PM, "John Ronning" <ronning at> wrote:

> Christian,
> Thanks for providing an example for discussion.  If that's
> the best you can offer, you've proved my point that Gal 3:16
> is not midrash.  Listing a bunch of different possible
> interpretations is quite different from asserting that two
> mutually inconsistent interpretations are both true, which
> is what you have if the usual interpretation of Gal 3:16 is
> correct.

By the way, why does it seem that this list can get so surly? Can't we just
say something like: "I do not find your examples persuasive because..."?

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