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Soren wrote:
> Does anyone know what literature exists in Samaritan Hebrew, outside of
> Pentateuch?

1. Targum - an Aramaic version of the Pentateuch.
2. Memar Markah (the teaching of Markah) is by far the most important
Samaritan document after the Pentateuch.
3. The Defter - called the 'Book of Common Prayer'.
4. The Asatir is also Chronicle I - from the creation of Adam to the death
of Moses, and is very important for Samaritan studies in that it contains
much material of a pseudo-historical sort not found elsewhere.
5. Chronicle II - the dates of the seven chronicles, which are proved by ms
evidence to have each had an independent existence, are mostly difficult to
ascertain, but some of them can be dated to within a century of composition.
6. The Dustan - is part of the Liturgy.
7. Al-Kafi - 11 century, by Joseph b. Salama a.k.a. al-Askari, is a work
giving an exposition of biblical laws.
8. Abul Hasan of Tyre wrote works in 11 century (At-Tabbakh - legal,
expositional, theological. Al-Ma'mad - future life. At-Tauba - repentance).
9. Ab Gelugah
10. Chronicle III a.k.a. Tolidah or Tolidot or Chronicle Neubauer who
published the work.
11. Al-Khilaf - proves understanding about beliefs and practices by Munajja
b. Sadaka 12 century.
12. Ghazal Ad-Duwaik important theological writer after Markah. 12 century.
13. 13th century - liturgy High Priest Amram (1255-1269); Sa'Dallah
Al-Kithari marriage service. Ben Manir reflect eastern Samaritanism
14. 14th century provides the greatest volume of material - Chronicle IV
a.k.a. Samaritan Book of Joshua (in Arabic). From Moses to Baba Rabba.
15. Chronicle V a.k.a. Shalshalat or Chain ascribed to Eleazar b. Phinehas.
16. Chronicle VI by Abul Fath better historical work. Adam to 756 C.E.
(later to 1853) - argues for Samaritan claims to true Israel.
17. Phinehas b. Joseph - revival in Hebrew writing in 14th century. Elazar
b. Phinihas contributed liturgy. Abdallah B. Solomon festival liturgy.
Mattanah and Phinehas B. Ithamar also liturgy.
18. Abraham B. Jacob commentary on Genesis, Ex, Lev, Num. - helps in
studying Samaritan exegesis.
19. The Hillukh is a collection of laws with exposition and interpretation.
20. Phinehas in 1th century - liturgy.
21. Isma'il Ar-Rumaihi poem Maulid an-Hashi
22. Meshalmah's commentary on Genesis - 17th century - history of exegesis
and theology.
23. 18th century - revival of scholarship. Abraham B. Isaac new Liturgy.
Ghazal B. Abi' S-Sarur commentary on Genesis and Ex.
24. The Malef - a Samaritan catechism for teaching children the laws and
religious beliefs.
25. Phinehas B. Isaac liturgy and Yom Ad-Din book of day of judgment in
26. Chronicle VII or Adler from Adam to 1899.

See Macdonald for complete bibliography.

A Bibliography of the Samaritans by Alan David Crown. 1993 $50.

Samaritans Documents Relating to Their History, Religion and Life
(Pittsburgh Original Texts&Translations Series No. 2) by John Bowman
(Editor) 1977 $15.

Samaritans and Early Judaism by Ingred Hjelm. 2000 $84

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