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Tue Mar 13 08:58:06 EST 2001

> Raymond de Hoop <rdehoop at> on Sun, 11 mar 2001 wrote:
> >Isaiah 7:14 provides a theophoric name, which is generally written as
> >one name. 
> >Moreover, D.W. Thomas etc. may be wrong too. It occurs that the editors
> --
> >in case he took the Masoretic accentuation of the text in consideration
> --
> >erred with regard to the first element (MNW . In BHS, BHK and Snaith this
> >element is marked with the conjunctive accent Merka (curved to the left),
> >while CL reads in Isaiah 7:14 (and probably also in 8:8) a Metheg (or
> >Ga`ya; curved to the right). Because this sign is not an accent, it does
> >not mark independent words, but indicates only additional musical or
> >phonetic motifs, it is clear that CL did read one word.
> >I have to admit here that I based my observation solely on CL and that
> >other MSS might provide a different interpretation. Yet there is no
> >reason to read two words here from a morphological, grammatical or
> >syntactical point of view.
> >
> In CL, (MNW )L is written in Isaiah 7:14, 8:8 and 8:10 as two words and
> therefore BHK, BHS and Snaith are right. In all three cases there is paseq
> and Shewa which unmistakenly separates )L from (MNW. As a confirmation,
> the masorah did not marked Immanuel as a unique one word for the entire
> Torah.
Please read Tanakh instead Torah.

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