was Michael -- Re: deuteronomy (Peter)

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at mclink.it
Mon Mar 12 17:41:57 EST 2001

>Ian wrote:-
>>So we have a shipfaring people with a name of Denyen/Danuna/Danai, who
>>just so happened to find themselves on basically the same coast around
>>the same time, as the only biblically attested "southern Dan", who have
>>no background according to the only sources to justify their connection
>>with ships or the coast.
>Sock it to me! Do I understand you correctly? Are really saying that
>within the Biblical texts there is a historical memory which dates
>back to around 1200BC?

Bill, if the Arthurian legends can preserve something from the Gilgamesh narratives,
don't you think it's possible that the biblical accounts can preserve something from
1200 BCE? Our problem is to find ways based in factual data from the relevant period
(such for example as the data relevant to the sea peoples who ended up on the coast
of Palestine) which can contribute to the extraction of what we can get out of such
texts. Without the external hard data, how can we proceed?


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