Gal 3:16 as midrash (was...)

Charles David Isbell cisbell at
Mon Mar 12 00:51:14 EST 2001

My thanks to Christian for a profitable exchange.  I am glad to support his
basic contention that what Paul was doing was not sui generis
Thanks also to you, Harold, for the clarification that Paul's perspective is
made "from a Christian's theological standpoint."  Lacking this standpoint,
interpreters of other faith perspectives do not reach his conclusion.  My
only objection would be to an assertion that Paul's use of the HB text
provides THE meaning that the HB itself is espousing.  Paul is distinctively
Christian, and modern Christians are obviously comfortable with his method.
We should leave the matter there.
Kol Tuv to both Christian and Harold.
Charles David Isbell

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