Gal 3:16 as midrash (was...)

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at
Sun Mar 11 23:33:53 EST 2001

Dear Christian,

You wrote:

Absolutely! That is why so many Christians to whom I point out this passage
find it very troubling. If their pastor tried something like this they would
take him to task.

Harold: Well, their pastor was not inspired, which is another Christian
belief about Paul's writing. And the NT together with the OT gives plenty
of reasons for supporting Paul's -in my opinion- midrashic wordplay. In
other words, the force of his statement would be in the assertion itself,
as supported by other Scripture, not in the "exegesis."

I appreciated your post considerably, and thank you for the effort that
went into it.

			Harold Holmyard

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