Gal 3:16 as midrash (was...)

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> Dear Charles,
> I see where you are coming from, but from a Christian's theological
> standpoint, Christ Jesus was a central part of the Abrahamic promise, for
> it was through Abraham's seed that God would bring His Son into the world.
> The people of Israel were a people especially prepared for the birth of the
> Messiah, the One who would bring salvation to all mankind. This was all
> part of an eternal plan for the redemption of a sinful world through the
> Son of God, a plan divulged to some extent in HB prophecy.
> Yours,
> Harold Holmyard


I hope you won't mind if I just clarify one more time: In my portion of the
discussion I was NOT concerned with the validity of Paul's interpretation,
just his method of exegesis as compared with rabbinic midrash.

Ok, now that that is cleared up... ;-)

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