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"Naaa. The conclusion simply doesn't come from the meagre evidence provided

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>4. The same makes true of the southern Dan, by Jaffa, reference being made
>of the northern Dan "leaping forth from Bashan". (Same makes true for

This southern Dan is a memory of the Denyen (Danuna) who came down the coast
with the Philistines. (Note incidentally 2 Sam 24:6, a place called dnhy`n,
followed by the coastal cites Sidon and Tyre.) This provides *at least* a
terminus a quo of circa 1180 BCE and the Sea Peoples' arrival. Remember that
"Dan shall judge his people as (sic!) one of the tribes of Israel", ie Dan
was not really a tribe of Israel according to the text. And what the hell is
this story of Dan remaining (sic) in his ships!?


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