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Sun Mar 11 15:41:22 EST 2001

Bruce wrote:-

>However, the approach Samuel represents to you takes account of the text as it 
>stands and it doesn't have to posit lost sources and traditions for the which 
>no evidence is presented it seems, to explain the uncomfortable discrepancies.

I'm not saying it's not reasonable. I was griping about raising your
personal belief about the text to the level of fact. That's was Samuel
was doing. 

>Secondly, our Samuel is attempting to see the text as it was in Judaism rather 
>than imposing a late Second Temple - even Christian - agenda upon it. Thirdly, 
>it is an approach which need not exclude faith, whereas your position seems to
>depends on faith and a particular view of historicity to underpin its validity.

Er, um, my position? Exactly what was my position? I don't remember
giving one.

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