The Linkage Between Isaiah 7:14 and 9:6

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You know, people, there ARE other verses in the Bible!
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> <<Moreover, it is said in Isaiah 7:14 itself that we are dealing with a
> name.
> Everywhere we read something like "the name is/will be called", it is
> followed by a name; even in Matthew 1:23! Why do you refuse to see it as a
> name?>>
> Also, take into account the translation in the LXX.  It reads EMMANUEL,
> word.  I am completely sold, Raymond.  If CL, 1QIsa^a and LXX all read
> against BHS and BHK, then go with the majority and better testiments.  Add
> to that the fact that it reads <Hebr> WQR'T SMW... <endHebr> and the
> accentuation issues (Methegh instead of Merchah in CL), and you have
> overwhelming evidence that it is a name.  I think that is absolutely

> (And Matthew quoted it as a name, too.)
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