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Hello Raymond!

At 06:57 AM 3/11/01 +0100, Raymond de Hoop wrote:
>On 10-03-2001 16:37 Eduardo M. Acuna <eacuna at> wrote:
>> 1. BHS has two words.
>See my previous mailings, you're refering again to an interpretation by
>editors, not to the text. You're ignoring the Masoretic accentuation, which
>reads one word and which argues against the interpretation of the editors of
>BHS/BHK/Snaith; so please give an answer to that issue?
>> 2. The two words will apply to the meaning of the child´s name.
>How do you render <Hebr> WQR'T SMW... <endHebr> ?
>> 3. LXX has one word; i.e., the name.
>Which is also an interpretation, but correct together with 1QIsa^a and the
>Masoretes. Compare also the Eleph. PN (MNYH "with us YH".
>> 4. LXX has a footnote explaining the name meaning; i.e., the two words.
>That's is new to me that the LXX has footnotes.  Unless you mean the
>t.c.-aparatus, but there such a reference is not given. Or are you talking
>again of a certain edition, which is an interpretation of an editor? But
>which LXX-edition are you refering to?

Apparently Eduardo assumes that the citation in Matthew 1:23 includes (in
the Greek) the explanatory clause at the end --  "...which means 'God is
with us'".
My copy of Rahlfs' little manual edition doesn't include it either in the
body of the text or in a footnote. 

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