Immanuel (one word/name)

Raymond de Hoop rdehoop at
Sun Mar 11 00:57:13 EST 2001

On 10-03-2001 16:37 Eduardo M. Acuna <eacuna at> wrote:

> 1. BHS has two words.

See my previous mailings, you're refering again to an interpretation by
editors, not to the text. You're ignoring the Masoretic accentuation, which
reads one word and which argues against the interpretation of the editors of
BHS/BHK/Snaith; so please give an answer to that issue?

> 2. The two words will apply to the meaning of the child´s name.

How do you render <Hebr> WQR'T SMW... <endHebr> ?

> 3. LXX has one word; i.e., the name.

Which is also an interpretation, but correct together with 1QIsa^a and the
Masoretes. Compare also the Eleph. PN (MNYH "with us YH".

> 4. LXX has a footnote explaining the name meaning; i.e., the two words.

That's is new to me that the LXX has footnotes.  Unless you mean the
t.c.-aparatus, but there such a reference is not given. Or are you talking
again of a certain edition, which is an interpretation of an editor? But
which LXX-edition are you refering to?

You did not answer to the objections I raised. I repeated them now after no.
1 and no. 2, while after no.4 there is a question too I'm looking forwrd to
your answers.


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