Immanuel (Liz, Peter, Jason)

Raymond de Hoop rdehoop at
Sun Mar 11 00:36:00 EST 2001

Liz wrote:
> Or maybe, "God is against us," since
> it is in the context of the coming Assyrians.
> Verbs like "strive", "contend" take (m as the following preposition.

There are more interpretations possible, but in this context "with us" seems
the best.

> I don't understand the issue about one word or two. Isaiah gave
> his kids funny names. One kid he named Maher $alal Ha$ baz.
> Four separate words, still a name.

In fact it are two issues we're dealing in this discussion. One is whether
(MNW)L is a name; second problem is if the editors of BHS, BHK, Snaith
rightly split up the two elements. The final has in fact nothing to do with
the first one. So, you're right with regard to the other symbolic names of

Peter wrote:
> And (now we are in 9:6, Hebrew 9:5) what about the following ):ABIY(AD? One
> word, with what meaning? Or two words, "everlasting Father", to follow
> "mighty God" for )"L GIB.OWR

):ABIY(AD: "father is everlasting", i.e. everlasting father; no problem.

Jason wrote:
> Also, take into account the translation in the LXX.  It reads EMMANUEL, one
> word.  I am completely sold, Raymond.  If CL, 1QIsa^a and LXX all read
> against BHS and BHK, then go with the majority and better testiments.  Add
> to that the fact that it reads <Hebr> WQR'T SMW... <endHebr> and the
> accentuation issues (Methegh instead of Merchah in CL), and you have
> overwhelming evidence that it is a name.  I think that is absolutely clear.
> (And Matthew quoted it as a name, too.)


Regards to you all,


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