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I would surmise that after a certain date copyists took extreme care not to
modernise the orthography, perhaps because they developed a very high view
of Scripture, that no letter may be changed. This is in fact more than a
surmise, for we know that later on such a view was held, and we also know
that the texts were not all modernised to orthographic uniformity. I won't
try to speculate on dates, though the name Ezra springs to mind.

Peter Kirk

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Peter Kirk wrote:

> Well, don't forget the point made recently that the surface form
> of such details indicated not the original composition but the
> latest redaction. So Vince's observation need mean no more than
> that Deuteronomy was copied by a scribe "ca.600" who modernised
> the orthography, whereas Kings was not copied at that time or
> copied by a more conservative scribe.

But subsequently both were copied many times: how is it that they
didn't undergo any more orthographic modernizations?



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