Paul's quotations (use of "baptism into Moses" in NT)

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Fri Mar 9 15:48:59 EST 2001


> >Paul views Abraham as a figurehead for Christ, as the snake
> >in Genesis 3 is a figurehead for Satan.  Abraham, the “new
> >Adam,” received the promises on behalf of Christ.  Note also
> >Isa 53:10 which Paul would no doubt see as speaking of the
> >Church as Christ's seed]
> If I understand you correctly, you are saying that Christ is Abraham, so to
> speak. 

No, no more than Satan is the snake in the garden - but when
God spoke to the snake, he was speaking to Satan - that's
where I propose the term figurehead, and apply it also to

> would need much more data before shifting from what seems the natural and
> acceptable sense, pace Earle Ellis.

It may be acceptable grammatically, and "natural" as proven
by the fact that no one has ever questioned whether the
antecedant of Xristos should be sou rather than spermati but
it is theologically impossible.  I'd say that lack of study
of the OT (not grammar) is the reason Paul has not been


John Ronning

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