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Fri Mar 9 12:33:43 EST 2001

Peter Kirk wrote:
> Since, as you say, you can't tell anything about the date of the original
> material (but only of its latest redaction) from the linguistic form, what
> evidence can you offer for your assertions below about the authorship of
> Moses' blessing and the Balaam oracles?
> Peter Kirk

Well, this has to be evaluated by me in a much more detailed fashion later. I´ll 
promiss to offer this later on on my website. That is because I prefer to 
concentrate in first line on my paper in work, concerning the Egyptian data about 
the Exodus. First subject will be dealt in the promissed paper "Which was the 
crime of Benjamin?".

I´ll make it short, perhaps elaborate later on about this subject:

Moses bessing is in fact to be attributed to the crowning ceremony of Gideon (if 
as an original text or as a later fake - but how old ought it have already been 
to be later attributed to Moses?), while

Balaams oracles are in the same manner (and with the similar reservations) to be 
attributed to Samuels own voice, and that during the very beginning (if not even 
crowning ceremony) of Sauls reign.

Both suppose a far better knowledge of their period as imaginable for later 

Take a glance at Moses blessing: isn´t Benjamin a later insertion into the text? 

So much,

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Bányai Michael

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