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> hi liz,
> i will begin radio silence today. but before i go....
wwwh wait a minute .....
> the order i have the torah sources should not be surprising: D > JE > P.
> after all, that would be consistent with jewish traditions of exile and
> the mission of ezra, etc, etc.  and a version of deuteronomy was
> definitely current in Josiah's time....  moreover, it might not be
> surprising that kings was initially coming together in the 7th century.
> (see further, finkelstein and silbermann, the bible unearthed, on the
> priority of the deuteronomist and deuteronomistic history, 700-600 BCE.)
OK, I understand all this.
I thought you'd said that the Deuteronomistic history was *before*
Did you say that? I mean before *core* deuteronomy, like before chapter 12?



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