Intelligible English Translation of plural YOU in KOINE.

David Stabnow dstabno at
Thu Mar 8 14:28:51 EST 2001

>> If you used "y o u" to show plural, what about the fact that word
>> processors would cause the word to be separated and carriaged if at the
>> of a line?  Something should be invented that would be coherent within
>> itself, for the sake of word processing.  As Dave said, maybe YOU (in
>> like the NWT would word better.  Then, would it be suggested that this
>> consistently utilized or only in contexts of necesary clarification?

>There's always the good old slang (gutter) English "youse" ;-)

Yes, I've heard that because I used to live in Philly.  Since I've moved
down south here I've been introduced to "y'all."  It's quite useful, you

Dave Stabnow

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