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David Stabnow wrote:

> Liz wrote: "You have both P and J intertwined in the Noah story. Have you
> noticed that?"
> While your observation reflects a viewpoint that has been widely held for
> over a century, Gordon Wenham and Robert Longacre have both written
> articles arguing that the Flood Narrative is in fact a literary unit.  The
> items that are given by others as evidence of multiple sources and
> are seen by them as literary devices.
One can make a similar observation (and in fact Cassuto has - and, I
believe, Nachmanides before him - regarding the Ten Plagues Narrative:
The narrative can be divided nto 3 sets of 3 plagues with the 10th as a
In each set, the first plague is in the morning, in the second Moses is
commanded bo 'el par'oh - "come ot Pharaaoh", and the third comes without
warning. For more details, see Umberto Cassutos commentary on Exodus,
published by Magnes, Jerusalem.
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