Linguistic dating of Ezra Nehemiah Chronicles

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Thu Mar 8 12:16:26 EST 2001

Dear Vincent, et al

How do the first few chapters of Ezra fit in your linguistic dating scheme?  When do you date the material in Chronicles, particularly the last part of 2 Chronicles and how does it compare with the first few chapters in Ezra?  As you probably know, some scholars have presented the thesis that the first section of Ezra was originally part of Chronicles and as material was added by later editors an artificial division was made--probably due to scroll length--leaving us with the current ending to Chronicles.  Your
linguistic dating of this material would add to the discussion.  Thanks!


> Subject: nehemiah, minimalism: giuseppe, ian
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> dear friends, thanks for your questions.
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> briefly, nehemiah 1-4 exhibits traits that i associate with stratum III
> (ca. 500-400); but the bulk looks like stratum V. so that 's interesting.--

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