Paul Heinrich heinrich at
Wed Mar 7 18:07:41 EST 2001

I have been listening in on the conversation of this list from the side
for a couple of months, and I must say the variety is astounding.  My
own interest in BH is as an amateur kindled during a stint as a mitnadev
in Israel during the Yom Kippur War. My question may be basic, or may
have been handled before I joined the list, so pardon if this is the

The issue: I have been going through Genesis till the end of the story
of Abraham for a year now, and discovered what has obviously been long
known, namely, that an editor had stitched together the accounts of at
least two, probably several writers.  Being slightly obsessive, I
divided up the text according to where I saw different writers entering
and leaving the picture, and came up with 2 main story lines, lots of
cutting and pasting, and a wide-eyed prophet from the writing team of
the Book of Enoch sailing into the room at Gensis 6, declaiming wildly
for 6 verses and sailing out again.
My question: I have no training as a Biblical scholar, and I would like
to compare my interpretation with what scholarship has determined.  That
includes allocation of verses to different writers or writing
traditions.  Where should I go for this information, or does anyone out
there have that information themselves?

Paul Heinrich

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