The Linkage Between Isaiah 7:14 and 9:6

Raymond de Hoop rdehoop at
Thu Mar 8 02:18:05 EST 2001

On 08-03-2001 02:33 Eduardo M. Acuna <eacuna at> wrote:

>> I would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the
>> Great Isaiah Scroll (1QIsa^a) Immanuel is written as ONE
>> word rather than two.
> The site: shows what you say.
> However, Qumran in my opinion is an heretic jewish sect engaged in magic.
> The scrolls show many re-writing attempts, almost like forgotten drafts in
> the trash basket.


In reaction to your answer, the following:

I think you do not know where you're talking about, when you say this with
regard to the 1QIsa^a-scroll. It is an important and very good preserved
bible-manuscripts. So, even if you are right with regard to Qumran (which I
really doubt), you skip the problem with regard to this reading much to

<Hebr> (MNW )L <endHebr> is written as two words indeed in e.g. BHS or
Snaith. However, the Codex Leningradensis itself does not show a clear space
between the two elements. In Isaiah 7:14 it only could be; in Isaiah 8:8
there is certainly no space between the two elements and we read <Hebr>
(MNW)L <endHebr>. You have thus the testimony of CL and 1QIsa^a against your

So, you're assumption was simply wrong.


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