Deut. 22:8 *yiphol nophel*

David Stabnow dstabno at
Wed Mar 7 11:14:07 EST 2001

Ponder wrote:

> ... How does BH customarily say "anyone" or "someone"?  It seems
      reasonable that *ish*, *nephesh* or any number of other terms could
      be used as indefinites in this manner, but I find they usually are
      not employed in this fashion, although the idiomatic "a man and his
      neighbor" is used to mean "everyone."

DKS: "Anyone" or "everyone" can be expressed with _KL_ "all" followed by a
      participle (Gen 4:14, 15, 21; Exod 12:15), or followed by *ish* (Gen
      45:1; Exod 25:2), or followed by *nephesh* (Exod 1:5).


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