Dan's epistemology [quite short, was "(unfortunately, long)"]

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at mclink.it
Tue Mar 6 17:16:50 EST 2001

>> >I have Thur/Fri evening working late [..], Ian, if you question the
>> >historicity of this; [..]
>> I wouldn't think of doing so, Dan.
>What is your objective reason for not questioning me? What is your evidence
>that i'm telling you the truth? Your faith in my integrity is just your
>hypothesis--actually worse than that--it's a mere thoughtless assumption,
>built on actually no evidence at all. You know virtually nothing about me
>except for a few texts, very few, that i put out on this list, and my
>date/time in history at the moment. I could be a fraud in a million
>different kinds of ways. You don't even know my real name, now do you? To
>not even "think of" doubting my integrity seems blatantly naive to me.
>(which is another reason why i reject your *religion*--too inconsistent--i
>could never place that much faith in *any* human mind, not even my own)

I don't necessarily have any faith in your integrity whatsoever, Dan. I
wouldn't think of questioning the matter because it is simply not important
to me.


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