Dan's epistemology [quite short, was "(unfortunately, long)"]

Dan Wagner Dan.Wagner at datastream.net
Tue Mar 6 17:04:34 EST 2001

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> >I have Thur/Fri evening working late [..], Ian, if you question the
> >historicity of this; [..]
> I wouldn't think of doing so, Dan.

What is your objective reason for not questioning me? What is your evidence
that i'm telling you the truth? Your faith in my integrity is just your
hypothesis--actually worse than that--it's a mere thoughtless assumption,
built on actually no evidence at all. You know virtually nothing about me
except for a few texts, very few, that i put out on this list, and my
date/time in history at the moment. I could be a fraud in a million
different kinds of ways. You don't even know my real name, now do you? To
not even "think of" doubting my integrity seems blatantly naive to me.

(which is another reason why i reject your *religion*--too inconsistent--i
could never place that much faith in *any* human mind, not even my own)

Dan Wagner

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