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Tue Mar 6 16:08:18 EST 2001

Harold quoted and wrote:-

>> This introduces a single event: David is to buy the threshing floor of
>>Araunah/Ornan in order to set up an altar there. If you say the other
>>account means he buys the site too, that is beyond what the Lord actually
>>orders him to do, because Chronicles, at first, simply repeats the
>>instruction of the 2nd Samuel version. It would be a convenient, but
>>unconvincing interpretation to argue for two almost identical
>>speech-events, and there seems little or no evidence - apart >from the
>>discrepancies themselves - that it is not one occasion.
>Nobody questions the singleness of the original event, I would think.

I thought this was a major point of the minimalists -- That there was
no David to buy a patch of ground for the Temple.

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