Ripples in the text (foll. Saturating the airwaves)

Bill Rea cctr114 at
Mon Mar 5 15:48:00 EST 2001

Ian wrote:-

>I don't believe this is a salient point. You can't date those sources
>either. You may not have a particular reason for doubting the truthfulness
>of these sources, but if you are doing history, you cannot assume the
>truthfulness of them.

That's the problem. Not everyone is "doing history". I do some work
as a semi-professional photographer, but I don't assume that everyone
with a camera is trying to take photographs for sale. It seems to me
that history, as we understand it, wasn't the primary reason the texts
were written. If your can find history in them, well and good, if not
then it's no big deal. 

You might be a professional historian and beleive your work is of
great importance. It's not a personal insult if others don't share
your view.

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