Ripples in the text (foll. Saturating the airwaves)

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Mon Mar 5 10:28:05 EST 2001

>However complex a hypothesis may be, it can be disproved only evidence,
>not by ridicule

There was no ridicule. That is your problematic perception. There was, as I
indicated, hypothesis built on hypothesis. Going more than one step from
what can be shown, means that what is hypothesized has no direct connection
with what was. This is unsound methodology. That was my complaint. There was
no ridicule and nothing to disprove.

>or Monty Python style repetition of the same tired old denials.

Your reply is very montypythonesque, Peter. It adds nothing new, repeates
itself, uses vacuous terms (such as "denials") and has no argumentation.

I would appreciate some rational support for claims you make and the
sometimes questionable terms you use.


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