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re: Tel Dan,

i was surprised about the claim that there is no waw-consecutive. i have a
piece out in Vetus Testamentum arguing against Muraoka arguing against the
consecutive. i don't see how the argument can be refuted
linguistically.... (you're invited, of course, to try...... )

re: David,

in any case, i've been thinking about David and minimalism. there is a
long history of using terms of abuse for a new paradigm, and i do see one
developing (cf. Finkelstein's latest book). i also like the term because
of the connection with Chomsky's minimalist program in linguistics. so
i've decided to call myself a "minimalist" based on my linguistic work

which confirms the general picture archaeology and history are digging up.

david and solomon, in terms of linguistic methods of dating strata i'm
using, are creations of the persian period, in terms of *composition*:
i'm committed to nothing more than this at this time. i would call this
"minimalism", without qualifiers. 

now the copenhagen/sheffield bunch, we'll call "extreme" minimalists: 
a usefull position heuristically, as lateral thinking, but alas little

re: Ezra-Nehemiah

Nehemiah 1-4 is roughly contemporary with his historical dating. however,
linguistically, the hebrew of Ezra-Nehemiah represents the latest stratum
of the biblical corpus. definitely not, however, a product of our common
era: wow, that is too much lateral thinking---even for me ;-)

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