Ripples in the text (foll. Saturating the airwaves)

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Sun Mar 4 20:49:10 EST 2001

>> Ian, it is not a valid refutation of a hypothesis (here, Harold's
>> that Kings and Chronicles preserve accurate historical information about
>> David's time) to state that the hypothesis is unproven (because the
>> historical value of these books is unknown). Do you have any evidence to
>> disprove Harold's hypothesis?
>If one begins with the intense philosophy of doubt that Ian does,
>one can "disprove" just about anything to one's own satisfaction.
>Convincing anyone else, of course, is another matter...

I don't think Dave can talk about my philosophy in any serious way when he
misrepresents it as he does here.

The philosophy is not one about doubt but about correct method. I don't
think that that many people, obviously including Dave, are prepared to be
coherently historical.


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