Samuel's name

John Ronning ronning at
Sun Mar 4 17:11:27 EST 2001

I'd go with shemu'el "meaning" the name of El (or whatever
it "means"), but sounding like "he who is from God" i.e. SHE
(short form of 'ASHER) - ME (from) - 'EL  (God).

Then why not name him SHEME'EL?  Maybe because she just
wanted to take a current name on the basis of assonance
rather than make up a new one.

For an analogy there is MO'AB, which apparently is supposed
to remind is of "from father."

So Christine your son's name probably doesn't "mean" "asked
of God" but he's named Samuel because he is asked of God
(not much difference).

It's significance at the start of the books of Samuel - big
contrast between Samuel - asked of God by a pious woman; and
Saul - asked of Samuel by an apostate nation.

John Ronning

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