Dan's epistemology (unfortunately, long)

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	Well, Ian, your whole response to Dan, and often to others, reminds
me of the Monty Python argument sketch. And none of Dan's posts were
anything like 67 KB. I rather hope your five minutes are now up and we can
move to proper discussion rather than unconvincing point by point

	Peter Kirk
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	I was thinking about not sending this post, as there seems there is
little hope of communication with you, Dan. You "saturation of the airwaves"
	<very long snip>
	>It's a text that builds to that to be sure,

	No, it doesn't. (If one doesn't mind a reference to Monty Python's
argument sketch.)
	<very long snip>

	Somehow every flame war on the basis of the TDI always end in this
way. What is the issue, what is at stake: a very fragmentarily preserved
inscription from the upper Huleh Valley, the biblical king David, people's
beliefs? hardly serious scholarship.

	What about moving to something else. So far not a single new
argument has been forwarded but mailboxes have been filled up with redundant


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