Dan's epistemology (was long, now short)

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at mclink.it
Sat Mar 3 21:40:47 EST 2001

>Well, Ian, your whole response to Dan, and often to others, reminds me of
>the Monty Python argument sketch.

You're easily suggestible, Peter. But you are mistaken -- perhaps you don't
know the sketch well enough. I normally give reasons. You mightn't like
them, but they are usually there.

>And none of Dan's posts were anything like 67 KB.

The version on my post I received from the list was 33 kb. What's this
figure 67 kb?

(It's interesting though that you *didn't* complain about those posts which
Dan wrote in a few hours, totalling incidentally over 80 kb.)

>I rather hope your five minutes are now up and we can move to proper
>discussion rather than unconvincing point by point refutations.

You may say this, but the statement must even be more unconvincing.


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