FW: Cover your feet, please!

Peter Kirk Peter_Kirk at sil.org
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Here are a couple of Azerbaijani expressions, with dictionary definitions.
Azerbaijani is not cognate with Hebrew (it is Turkic), but often preserves
Middle Eastern idioms of relevance to the Bible.

"ayaq achmaq", literally "to open/uncover foot": to begin to visit
"ayaqachdy", literally "(he/she) opened foot": first visit of one's daughter
to her father's house after marriage on her parents' invitation
"ayaqyolu", literally "foot way": toilet

The first pair could be relevant to Ruth and Boaz, and possibly the second
to Saul's activity.

Peter Kirk

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> It would be interesting to hear if anyone know of a similar
> expression in
> a cognate language.

YES! Me too. Anybody????


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