FW: FW: Dan's epistemology (Christian on Shakespeare)

Liz Fried lizfried at umich.edu
Sat Mar 3 18:16:52 EST 2001

This is off-topic, but I have a friend who's a Shakespeare buff.

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> >Discussion of shakespeare on B-hebrew.
> >fye.
> Give this to your list:
> > > >Sorry folks. I can't resist: do we really know who "Shakespeare" was?
> > >
> > > Yes, we can. Besides the contemporary witnesses on record, there are
> > > registry records, land transactions, and various signatures
> in appropriate
> > > places which are compatible one with another, despite the
> differences in
> > > spelling.
> Despite the Stratfordian certainty expressed in this paragraph, it
> is subject to correction. There are, for instance, six signatures
> supposedly
> Shakespeare's,  and all six are on the will. The witnesses can
> attest to a Mr. Shakspear of Stratford, but *NO* witness ever
> saw the playwrite Shakespeare. The land transactions are all
> Shakspear's. And the registry records are of one event: the
> marriage between Shakspear and Hathaway, which might not
> even have been Hathaway. There is a numerous and large corpus
> of literature on the "real" Shakespeare, and it is far from the
> fringe element.

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