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Sat Mar 3 12:13:44 EST 2001

Raymond de Hoop wrote:

> >> I regret to say, but much of the discussion with
> >> regard to this stele has been governed by a fundamentalistic versus
> >> anti-fundamentalistic position. And many of the oponents of the "House of
> >> David"-interpretation made themself suspect in their publications that they
> >> were opposing against a fundamentalistic reading instead of against a wrong
> >> philological interpretation.

This is not meant as a serious question, but, has anybody immagined the 
possibility that no David occurs in the HB? I´m slowly loosing the feeling for 
verisimility dealing with the old texts. 

Is there any Banyai existing at all or is he just a projection of the 
undersigned? And what does this name mean at all? And...

All the best,

Bányai Michael

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