Exodus 25

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Sat Mar 3 08:07:16 EST 2001

Dear Al,

You ask:

>Could someone explain why the noun form for "ark" is construct in Exodus
>25:10 while the noun form for "table" in Ex 25:23 is in absolute?

Al, unless I am missing something, the forms for the nouns "ark" and
"table" are the same for the absolute and the construct. So how can one say
that "ark" is construct and "table" is absolute in these verses? They are
both followed and preceded by the same phrases (or nearly the same). So if
one is construct, the other is. Or if one is absolute, the other is. My own
guess is that they both may be absolute in these verses, even though BDB
disagrees about Exod 25:10, since the verb "to make" often takes two
accusatives to describe that something is made out of something else (see
BDB, p. 794d, right column, section g). Here both nouns are preceded by
this verb of making and followed by the substance from which the nouns are

				Harold Holmyard
				Dallas, TX

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