Is this a rock or not? I Would like to know (Charles)

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Fri Mar 2 19:24:08 EST 2001

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[HUGE SNIP of many things about Dan Wagner & his views]

> own.  How could he realistically change his views in the light of new
> evidence, regardless of what it might be, if his view comes 
> from God to
> begin with!  If I attended his church, I would anticipate 
> having such views
> preached at me.  In a forum of scholars seeking to exchange 
> information and
> resources, such evangelism is inappropriate.
> Shalom,
> Charles David Isbell


Since this post was not directed to me, and since this is for discussion of
B-Hebrew rather than any individual list member, i'll reply only by saying
you should consider that you are making a lot of assumptions throughout your
post based upon things you cannot verify. We can all learn from each
other--at least on some level (even if sometimes it's negatively!)--and i've
been a member of this list for several years before i even entered the
discussion with any frequency.

Dan Wagner

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