Is this a rock or not? I Would like to know

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> Dan, I think you are stating too much now. I am not quite a 
> "professing
> Christian who considers the
> NT obsolete/irrelevant for understanding the OT/HB." But I 
> would strictly
> limit that relevance to the following (at least as a first 
> stab at what I
> would believe):

> 1) The NT is relevant in the same way as any other ancient 
> text for the
> light it might show on the meaning of the original Hebrew text and its
> background, as in our discussion on 'ALMA.
> 2) The NT is relevant to understanding the fulfilment of 
> certain prophetic
> passages.
> 3) The NT is relevant to the hermeneutical process of 
> applying the HB to
> modern life.
> But I do not hold that the NT has special or normative relevance to
> understanding the meaning of the HB text as the authors 
> intended it. That
> may be the position of some Christians, but not of all.

I wouldn't limit it's relevance as much as you, but i didn't intend to imply
that all Christians agree with me either. I'm well aware of the differences.
My main point of *that* particular argument was that for Christians on the
list, the NT will at least be *a* factor at many points where it interacts
with the HB. It's can't be thrown out entirely. More posts coming on some
other specific replies i received to this issue... 

Dan Wagner

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