High priest list in 1Chr 9 & Neh 11

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Thanks, Ian, for your reply. I really don't know enough about the Ezra and 1
Esdras question to discuss this further.

Just one request for clarification. You implied that the tetragrammaton is
found in 1 Esdras. But this is a Greek text. Are you saying that the Hebrew
letters are found in at least some copies of the otherwise Greek text (which
I know does happen in some LXX MSS)? Or are you saying that the a Vorlage
with the tetragrammaton has been reconstructed from the Greek? If the
latter, exactly which Greek word(s) are involved, and what are the
references in 1 Esdras or its MSS? I ask because this ties in with a
discussion on another list about the tetragrammaton.

Peter Kirk

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3) The form of the Persian letters are more primative in 1 Esdras,
   using the tetragrammaton which has been eradicated in Ezra;


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