new to the world

Pete Richert pete_and_hebrew at
Mon Jun 25 12:46:20 EDT 2001

Hello everyone,

I am new to the Hebrew world.  Actually, I'm so new that I have not yet
touched a textbook.  I'm going to start self studying soon and I thought I
could get some advice on which textbook series to use.

I have heard of ones by Kittle, Seow, and Kelley, and have heard raving
positives and raving negatives about all three.  What do you guys

Another option I was considering was doing a little preschool (a primer or
so) such as The First Hebrew Primer: Third Edition by Ethelyn Simon.  This
could ease me into it and help me learn the alphebet real well before I
start serious study.  This also will correspond well with my upcoming
plans, ie taking a year of intense graduate study in engineering and
having a baby in eight months!  Considering those, and my continued
interest to study Greek which I am pretty far along, I may only have time
for some background study.

I'm open to any advice.  Thanks and hello again,
Pete Richert

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