ABH Gen 31:42, 51-53 the Dread of Isaac

Brian Sullivan bsullivan at dingoblue.net.au
Mon Jun 25 06:42:30 EDT 2001

Greetings to all,

In Genesis 31 Laban and Jacob swear a covenant. Laban swears by the god of
hiws forefathers but Jacob swears by the  ' Dread of his father Isaac '
(Rotherhams  transl ).

To my ears this reads like a title. eg the NAB reads the Awesome One, but
other renderings translate pachad as fear: 'the 'fear' of his father Isaac

Is the word used as a divine title? Is it used as a title of YHWH?
Or was such a title used for local gods in Canaan?

Yours Sinerely,

Brian Sullivan

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