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Randall Buth ButhFam at
Fri Jun 22 01:08:00 EDT 2001

shalom Liz, 

While reading today's paper I remembered your note on "taHat".
>Once tho I told
>the waiter that I wanted tay Ham taHat ha Soda (that I had
>originally ordered). He brought me both the tea and the soda. I
>learned only later that taHat does not mean "instead of" in
>Modern Hebrew.

Actually, "taHat" needs contextual clues for it to be understood "not
but in its metaphorical extensions. Modern Hebrew shares other common 
relator-words in this semantic domain, like "bimqom", "temurat", "Helef",

Anyway, in today's paper:

"[hem] omrim sheheHliTu levatter `al ezraHutam ha-tsarfatit 
velidrosh ezraHut yisraelit taHteha."
they were saying that they decided to give up their French citizenship 
and to seek Israeli citizenship in its place.

shabbat shalom,

Randall Buth

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