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<< In regards to "Dynamic Energy",  I am interested like Bill Rea in knowing
 wither this translation was selected for artistic reasons, lexical
 clarification, or for some other reason.  >>

I believe I previously commented on the nature of the translation and NWT's 
use of the same English gloss in other texts where Jehovah is not the 
subject. Hence, it is not a term isolated to link Jehovah's power 
specifically with Einstein's theory. The book quoted by the original poster 
of this thread may have misapplied the text, but then again they may have 
simply been arguing backwards from modern science to the biblical text, 
speculating that the power available to Jehovah for use in creating the 
heavens is consistent with Einstein's theory. 

The question of translation has been answered by noting that the use of 
"dynamic energy" is used elsewhere as the equivalent of the physical "force" 
in Behemoth's muscles. Thus, NWT's use of the term is merely one of 
expression, though consistent with the meaning of "force," "power," etc., 
used in other translations both for Jehovah and others, specifically, 

If you wish to pursue a scholarly discussion of this point, there is much 
more that can be said. But first it would help if you 1) drop the comments 
about misquoting, misrepresenting, etc., unless you plan on defending 
yourself against my claims which would be understandable and even welcomed; 
(I simply presented the facts from your email and mine---whether your 
misunderstands, etc., were purposeful or unintentional is something I leave 
to you.) 2) deal with what has been said previously on the subject at hand. I 
do not believe that either of these requests are unreasonable or 

Best regards,

Greg Stafford 

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