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Not much objectivity here, I'm afraid.  It is disingenuous to insist that a phrase
like "dynamic energy" is only a term of physics or applies only to Einstein's
theorem.  As stated in my earlier post, fundamentally speaking "dynamic energy" fits
the context of Isaiah 40:26 as well as the more ordinary "might" or "power."  A
translation need not be limited by standard, ordinary phrasings, and -- shall I say
dynamism -- can be a welcomed feature in a translation.   In many new translations it
is taken as an indication of vigor and skill that they have new or different ways of
expressing the same facts.  "Dynamic," of course, comes into English from the Greek
term DUNAMIS, or POWER.  Grammatically and contextually speaking, "dynamic energy" at
Isaiah 40:26 is as good as the common terms.

I would not venture to assume why the NWT uses the term, any more than I would know
specifically why any other translation uses the terms it uses, unless I happened to be
myself on that body of translators.

Solomon Landers

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>  In context, owniym means "might" or "strength."  To claim that it means
>  "dynamic energy" in order to match Einstein's theory is typical of some of
>  the liberties the NWT often takes.  None of the seven translators of the NWT
>  had any training in Hebrew or Greek, and it seems many of the
>  interpretations are intended more for doctrinal purposes than accuracy.
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