Isaiah 40:26

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<< In context, owniym means "might" or "strength."  To claim that it means
 "dynamic energy" in order to match Einstein's theory is typical of some of
 the liberties the NWT often takes.  None of the seven translators of the NWT
 had any training in Hebrew or Greek, and it seems many of the
 interpretations are intended more for doctrinal purposes than accuracy.
 Rev. Dave Humpal ebedyah at >>

Dear Dave:

You offer no analysis of the context to support your point. Please do so and 
comment on what I previously offered. You also make an assertion about the 
NWT translators that is unproven, inaccurate, and uncharitable. What you 
should have said is that they had no FORMAL training in Hebrew. But that is 
not the only training available, and I think if anyone with an objective mind 
looks critically at the NWT OT, he/she will find a very high level of 

Best regards,

Greg Stafford

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