Nachmanides - Scapegoat

Mon Jun 11 11:23:11 EDT 2001

>>Could Nachmanides have known the Book(s) of Enoch (regardng his use of the term "the prince who rules over places of destruction" in his commentary on Lev. 16:8)?

Unfortunately, I probably have no insightful information to contribute about this question... but here are some generic thoughts...

I've always been somewhat interested in the debate of whether or not The Book(s) of Enoch was part of the original divinely-inspired cannon.  I think it's interesting to note that there are ancient Bible commentators who have quoted from Enoch, and even in the New Testament era it seems the early church fathers quoted from Enoch hand-in-hand with the Old Testament books... and many also sight the two NT books (I think Jude and 2 Peter) which also seem to quote from Enoch.

So, long story short, I wouldn't be surprised if the Ramban considered Enoch part of the Holy Writ as well.

Unfortunately, as for the question at hand, I don't have enough resources to check this particular case out thoroughly for myself, (i.e. Nachmanides Commentary on the Torah & The Books of Enoch are items which my library still lacks), but I'll be anxiously keeping an eye on this thread to see if anyone responds in a way that might shed more light on the matter...

Joe Glean
Alexandria, VA - USA

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