Isaiah 40:26

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The only thing an objective scholar would be concerned about is whether
energy" is a translation of  )WN or )WNYM -- the plural form that is
found at Isaiah
40:26, that is justifiable by grammar and/or context.

We know the Hebrew term can apply to vigor, might, generative power,
strength, and
such.  What is "dynamic energy"?  Is it encompassed by any of those
domains?  One of
the definitions of energy is "vigoruos exertion of power."  And dynamic
"relating to physical force or energy; marked by continuous and
productive activity."
It is possible that a translation such as "dynamic energy" was intended
to bring out
the nuances of the plural form used at Isaiah 40:26.  For example,
according to
_Biblical Hebrew Syntax_ by Waltke and O'Connor (page 121), "a repeated
series of
actions or a habitual behavior can be designated by a plural, and that
term can have
an abstract sense."  )WNYM is a plural abstract noun.

In context, what Isaiah 40:26 discusses is God's active might or power
as Creator
(Generator?) and indefatigable sustainer of heaven and earth.  May
"dynamic energy"
correctly inform that context?  In my opinion, it could.

Solomon Landers

alanf00 at wrote:

> I would like the opinion of Hebrew scholars about the accuracy
> of translation of a word in Isaiah 40:26. In "Tanakh - The Holy
> Scriptures" (JPS 1985) this reads in part: "Because of His great
> MIGHT and vast power
" The word in question is "MIGHT".
> According to "Analytical Key to the Old Testament" (Vol. 4,
> p. 123) this is a correct translation. According to various
> Hebrew lexicons I've checked, the original Hebrew root word
> used here for "might" (" 'own "; Strong's Concordance entry
> 202) can mean "might, power, strength, vigor, ability, faculty,
> force, virile and genital power, manhood, wealth".
> In the more than thirty English translations I've checked, in Isaiah
> 40:26 the word is translated as "might, power, strength, vigor,
> glory".
> Only one translation I've come across varies from the above:
> "The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures" produced
> by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. In this translation
> Isaiah 40:26 reads: "Due to the abundance of DYNAMIC
> ENERGY, he also being vigorous in power
" Here, " 'own " is
> translated as "dynamic energy".


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