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Daniel Wagner dan.wagner at
Sat Jun 9 18:25:35 EDT 2001

More information from another list:

> Gramcord does the grammatical taggings and research for the texts and does
> not produce the actual software.  Gramcord for Windows is part of the
> Bible Companion software from Loizeaux.  Gramcord for Macintosh is the
> Accordance program.  My understanding is that BW is not related to
> Gramcord because BW was not able to license the texts from Gramcord.
> Information on what is available from Gramcord is at
>  Originally Gramcord was a DOS program but I
> think that is currently unavailable.  I am only familiar with the search
> capabilities of Gramcord for Macintosh which are as good as BW and
> easier.  I have not used Gramcord for windows.  I hope this helps some.
> Daniel Wagner wrote:
> > Thank you, Rolf. I was not aware of that. SP sounds very interesting
> > and is not yet included in BW. Do you or other know how Gramcord
> > compares to Biblworks in terms of research capabilities? (I only have
> > BW).
> >
> > Dan Wagner
> >

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