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Fri Jun 8 02:20:01 EDT 2001

Dear Dan,

There can be little doubt that the Gramcord CD is a very fine tool for the
student of Hebrew. By help of it you can instantly get the Hebrew text of a
verse, the LXX or Vulgate text of the same verse and even the the Samaritan
text (for the Pentateuch). It has excellent search abilities as well. If I
am correctly informed, Bibleworks was based on the Gramcord modules.



Rolf Furuli
University of Oslo

>Does Gramcord have something for Hebrew yet? or only for Greek?
>BW is excellent in Hebrew. I use it almost every time that i study BH.
>Dan Wagner
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>> > Shalom,
>> >     I am Seminary student studying both biblical Greek and biblical
>> > Hebrew.
>> > I am in the process of trying to decide whether to invest in either
>> > Gramcord or Bible Works. My primary choice is to acquire the program with
>> > the strongest Hebrew aides. Can anyone offer me some advise? Jerry Mason,
>> > Orange Park, Fla.
>> Jerry,
>> As a beginning Hebrew student I can not directly reply to your question,
>> however, I have found the tools and search engine in Gramcord for Greek to
>> be excellent.  I have little experience with Bible Works from which to
>> compare, but on the B-Greek list it has gotten good reviews.  These are
>> the two programs most often mentioned in a favorable light on that list.
>> Sola Gratia,
>> Jay Adkins
>> Always Under Grace!
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